January 23, 2015

Dismiss the modal forever onclick using cookies and delay modal visibilty

It's not good if the popup is visible whenever the page is reloaded. So i decided to make your device remember the close action, so that next time when you reload the page the popup is not visible. This is a good way of an user experience. jQuery makes the cookie remember. So, multiple elements can now trigger the cookie which tells the modal to not reappear ever again. Essentially, my favorite use is enabling users that have already followed me on twitter to not be bothered to do so again. I even set the option delay to delay the visibilty of the bootstrap modal.

How to animate icons or text with CSS?

Animation plays a vital role in CSS. It is really interesting while you play with animation. Here i tried to animate the down arrow icon. You can even animate any icons or images or text using this.

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